Motivation Monday: Do you work your job or does it work you?

By Chanda Temple

Marcia and Marla Pruitte are motivational speakers, helping folks get their IT together. (Photo: Special)

Identical twins Marcia Pruitte, left, and Marla Pruitte are motivational speakers, helping folks get their IT (intimate truth) together. (Photo: Special)

In 2010, Marcia Pruitte thought she was working her dream job.

She had opened a natural hair salon in Jackson, Tenn., where things were good for business. But soon, she realized she wasn’t being fulfilled. She wasn’t a licensed cosmetologist, she just owned the salon. So if stylists didn’t show up to service clients, she didn’t make money. She didn’t like someone else having that type of control. To her, that wasn’t freedom.

Meanwhile, her identical twin sister, Marla Pruitte, was having a similar feeling about her cupcake business. Also in Jackson, Marla worked hard to make her bakery a success. But if customers didn’t come in, she could potentially have a bad week. Her store became more of a job than a dream. She felt trapped.

The two stayed on the treadmill of those careers until January 2013, which is when they decided things needed to change. They had to get their “IT” together. For them, IT meant “intimate truth:” Do what comes naturally.

Since they were skilled at public speaking, they decided to use their gift of gab to show others how to get their “IT” together. People noticed and called them, again and again for direction. “It didn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of hard work and making the right connections,” Marcia said. “But we knew this is what we were destined to do.”

Today, they are motivating people through their vision board workshops, group coaching and inspirational speaking. Marcia lives in Birmingham, Ala. and Marla lives in Jackson, with plans to move to Birmingham in the fall.

On Saturday, Aug. 9 they will host an I.T. Factor™ Group Mastermind Intensive & Vision Board Experience from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Walker Law Firm, 115 Richard Arrington Blvd. Visit to register. 

Hate your job? Don't wallow in the disappointment. Make a move to propel yourself to greatness.  Image from  via Flickr/CreativeCommons

If you hate your job, what are doing to make a change? Make a move to propel yourself to greatness.
Image by JaKenya Lawrence via Flickr/CreativeCommons

Here are four of their tips on how you can begin to live your dream:

  • Find your I.T. Factor™

Finding what makes you, you is the most crucial step to living the life of your dreams. Simply ask yourself, “How do I show up in the world?”  Stop choosing a path based on what’s expected of you or one defined by your circumstances. In order to truly live the life of your dreams, reflect on what it is you’ve dreamed of accomplishing. Then, change your mindset towards it and begin to create a space to achieve that goal.

  • Define your vision

Marcia says that understanding how to translate your dream into a tangible goal is how you will begin to walk in your dream and maybe even monetize it.  Let’s say working with children is your dream. What does that look like? To reach your goal, could you become a teacher, a mentor or the CEO of a company that benefits children? Set a goal and go for it. Also, understand that it’s completely OK to monetize your dream to benefit yourself and your family while you’re serving others.

  • Complete a vision board

Gain clarity of your dream by creating a vision board, which is a proven method in helping you set goals and bring them to life. Vision boards serve as daily reminders for goals you’ve set and make you happy to see the life you envision for yourself.

  • Work the plan

After you’ve completed your vision board, organize your thoughts and start to flesh out and define your goals.  Do this on paper. You must work and take action to manifest the dreams on your vision board, Marla said. Believe in yourself and your dream. Believe in your ability to accomplish it.  Act immediately when you have a thought and desire.

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