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We all face obstacles in life. Just don't let them stop you from crossing the finish line.

We all face obstacles in life. But we can’t let them stop us from crossing the finish line.

By Chanda Temple

No matter how much you’ve promised yourself that you will have a good day, there’s always someone determined that you won’t. They dig in until they find your weak spot to make you fall.

Or there’s a plan you hatched with hopes of it being successful, only to see it fail.

When this happens, some give in to the pressure and crumble. Others stay to stick it out and fight.

If you are determined to face down defeat, there are so many ways to do it. During a televised sermon earlier this year, I heard some encouraging ways from Houston pastor Joel Osteen. His words may inspire you to continue the journey to find your greater.

Remember this: Your greater is out there, you just have to be encouraged to go get it.

Here are some of Osteen’s words, plus a quote from his wife:

  • If one dream has died, dream another dream.
  • Don’t let one setback define who you are. That’s just another step on the way to your divine destiny.
  • You have to stop mourning over something you cannot change.
  • Your destination is determined by God and not your situation today.
  • Any day that we live negatively and discouraged is a day that we’ve wasted.
  • Where you are going is much more important than where you’ve been.
  • “Bloom where you are planted and watch what God will do.” – Victoria Osteen

Chanda Temple worked as a reporter for 20 years before becoming a public relations professional. She blogs about being better in business and more at Follow her on Twitter at @chandatemple. Contact her at


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