Will your tomorrow be better than your today?


By Chanda Temple 

When the sun goes down today, will you weep or will you run?

Weird question, huh? But it’s pretty easy to answer.

Will you weep because you still haven’t done what you’ve been meaning to do to get ahead in life? Or will you run, run to your next destiny because you’ve started to implement a plan of improvement for yourself? It doesn’t matter if you’ve stalled or soared in your plan. The main point is that you’ve started.

No matter your answer in this little quiz, the meaning behind all of it comes down to you. You are the one with the power to decide what will happen when the sun goes down on your dreams. Will you be stumbling around in the dark or will you have vision to see light at the end of the tunnel?

Chanda Temple is a former reporter now working in public relations. She blogs at  http://www.chandatemplewrites.com. Follow her on Twitter at @chandatemple.

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