Stop waiting for everything to be so dang perfect


Hard word takes dedication.

Hard word takes dedication.



By Chanda Temple

As women, we feel the need to have everything perfect. And if it’s not perfect, we won’t proceed. That even comes down to our blogs. If our websites are not perfect, if our photos are not perfect, if our products are not perfect, yada, yada, yada, we won’t launch it. We’ll keep it close to the vest and wait until it’s perfect before we share it with others.

Well, stop trying to make everything so dang perfect. “Sometimes, good is good enough,” a woman said on a blogging webinar I tuned in to tonight. ‘’The most important thing is to act.”

Rarely is anything perfect in life. When Facebook started, it wasn’t perfect. There were stops and starts along the way. But the founders did it anyway.

When you launch something, you learn, you grow, you evolve. When you hold back on your gift, you cheat the world. So stop being so stingy. Share your gifts.

You have to get past the fear and just do it. Then ask yourself this: “What’s the worst that can happen?’’

If you fail, so what? Every time you fail, you learn something that will make your next attempt so much better. Be better. Live bigger. Give your best. Then, watch what happens.

Go. Give. Live.

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